Saturday, January 26, 2013

A New Beginning 2013

So it has been almost two years since I last made an entry into my blog. I guess I should be more active with it. Well I have had many things happen in the past few years and I should have been keeping up to date with them here. It would be more easier to do so.

We are thankful for what the past two years have given us. Tiina was cleared of her cancer with a final control check-up in October 2012. I turned 50 in June 2012 and now Tiina just turned 50 this month. Niki left for Wisconsin to be an exchange student for the current school year last September. He is having a blast there as everything is always so "awesome".  Alexi was confirmed last October. He also bought a drum kit. He found out through his uncle that the snare drum is a real good one and an old one and to never sell it!

Stay tuned for more posts to come! I am planning out what to post next.