Sunday, September 11, 2011

Catching Up

Well it has been almost three years since I last wrote something here. I decided to change the style and layout of my Blog in order for a fresh feeling or start, if you will.
  So where do I begin? I guess for the moment I will begin where I had left off. On Monday, September 5th, Tiina had her fourth year control exam for breast cancer. The mammogram and ultrasound all showed clear! The radiologist was very happy as were we. Tiina will have a consultation with the nurse on the 19th concerning her blood work. We are confident that all will be okay. The past three years have been quite good and without any serious  complications. Tiina did get fitted for a compression sleeve and glove to help whenever her hand and arm began to swell due to lack of lymph nodes in her left arm. She hasn't had to wear it very many times but it is there for her just in case. She has to be a bit careful with what kind of physical activity she does. For instance cross-country skiing is a bit of a no-no fir her. She has to be careful not to get any deep cuts or pricks to her left arm and hand. So over all everything is calm and clear under the rainbow of hope.

Well Tiina had her meeting with the nurse and all was clear there with the blood test results. They want to do an abdominal ultrasound because the have never done one (the private clinic had) and to check out a fatty lump that she has had for many years. I think deep down she would like to have it removed, if possible. So all is well for another year! Yes!! 

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