Sunday, September 25, 2011

21 Years in the Old Country

The other day I just realized that I have been living in Finland for the past 21 years. That date passed on the 5th of September. What can I say? Well I am very fortunate and happy to be living here. I love this country with all my heart. Now before my good friends back in the States decide to question me,  you will do so because you always have, I miss my home state of Montana, more specifically the Fox, Roberts and Red Lodge communities. I miss the mountains and the country fresh air and the land that surrounds all. I miss the people, family and friends. Most all I knew have passed on to greener pastures and bluer mountains but I still miss them. Basically I miss or am homesick for what was. My life is here now and this is where I am happiest. I won't get into the politics of it all because there is way too much to discuss. So perhaps I will save that for a later post. I have kept some close connections and gained new ones via Facebook.

I still remain an American citizen but do have my eye on becoming a Finnish citizen sometime in the near future. Why not? I have lived here for so long and have no intentions on returning to the States to live. The question is will I retain and maintain two citizenship's or just the one? I don't know. If I were able to travel to the USA with just a Finnish passport then perhaps but since I would be required to use a USA passport then maybe not. We will have to wait and see.

Suomi, minä rakastan sinua!!

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