Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tahdon.......Wedding Bells Were A Ringing

Saturday September 8th marked a happy occasion for a very lovely and happy couple. They are my brother-in-law, Sampo, and his beautiful bride, Marleena. They were married in the Porvoon pikkukirkko where Pastor Kari Leikko officiated. It was a fairytale like wedding at best! The guest list was kept small but the atmosphere was gigantic. Celebrities that filled the pews included Miro, all the members of Egotrippi, Teleks and Jore Marjaranta to name a few. The newlyweds left the church in a Ford Mustang. Sorry I didn't catch the year.

We all relocated to Solbacka in Pernaja for the reception. The reception kind of got a late start as we were all waiting for the newlyweds to arrive. They probably had gone home to comb the rice out of their hair :)

The food was all natural and very, very tasty! I don't think I have ever had such good food at a wedding reception before. Of course, all the food I have ever eaten at receptions has always been good. Something about this made it taste different. Maybe because it was all organically grown?
The program of events for the evening were great. Unfortunately for us we had to leave just before the waltz and other musical entertainment. All three of Marleena's brothers entertained us with their gift of music. Emppu and Emil playing the accordion and drums in one segment and Miro doing what he does best composing live using live-looping. It was fantastic as I had never seen anything like it before. When I later asked if he had made a recording of this masterpiece this was his reply, "I am sorry but I did not record my show from the wedding, it was once in a life time shot and the music goes on in our memories. I like that way to do music sometimes. It makes the music different because then it lives its own versions in everybody's memories or something." Believe me you, it surely did and continues to do so!!!

Here is a recipe for A Happy Life that was given to us by my Aunt Carolyn when Tiina and I got married way back when. It serves hundreds!

Take equal parts of kindness, unselfishness and thoughtfulness. Mix with love and scatter with helpful words. Add a smile or two. Throw in the spice of cheerfulness. Stir with a hearty laugh. Share with everyone!

Sampo and Marleena may you two have many, many, many wonderful years together. Remember the good times but never forget the bad times as they are what makes us stronger as the years go by. God bless you and your family!

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