Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New car!

Well we finally did it! The 1986 Volvo just got too old and expensive to make the yearly repairs in order for it to pass the auto registration inspections. She will surely and sorely be missed.

So this year we decided to put the money that would be spent on repairs into a newer car. As it turned out the man who generally services our car happened to have a 1998 Nissan Primera SLX for sale! What a beauty she is too. When Tiina saw it for the first time as we turned into the parking lot and fell in love with it right away. I also like the color.

It is a 1998 model that had only 125,000 km = 77,671.4 miles. All other cars that Tiina checked out for the same year had well over 250,000 km. We had purchased it on the 18th for 8,000 Euros + the Volvo. I don't think that was a bad price. This car's interior is like new and she runs very smooth and fast! It is front wheel drive and even has air conditioning. Lovely!

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