Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Helsinki Cup 2007

July 8th-15th, 2007. Well Helsinki Cup came and went for our star #9 Alexi. His team EBK Vilperit Sininen unfortunately lost all four of their matches so they didn't get to continue to the next round. They all played well and their spirit was quite favorable. Even with losing they came off of the field with smiles on their faces and bubbly spirited. This is what it is all about boys. Winning isn't everything but being able to get out there to play the game, being given the opportunity to do so and to have fun doing it. Better luck next season!

The results were as follows:

tu 10 08:15 Laajasalo 2
EBK/Vilperit Sininen - VeVe 1 - 3

tu 10 17:35 Leppävaara 2
tn PK-35/Kobrat - EBK/Vilperit Sininen 11 - 1

we 11 09:25 Käpylä 8
TiPS/Juventus valkoinen - EBK/Vilperit Sininen 6 - 0

we 11 17:35 Käpylä 8
EBK/Vilperit Sininen - Valtti/Bandicootit 0 - 2

The boys have something to be proud of for their efforts in their first Helsinki Cup being such a new team. The last match played was probably the best game they had all year. A few more matches like this and they for sure would have been able to advance to the next round.

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