Sunday, March 04, 2007

Purrs like a kitten

I had meant to do a quick follow up to my last posting concerning the great computer overhaul. The puter now boots up quite quickly. I feared that the CPU got fried and that was the reason for the slow boot and re-boot. Well as I sat here looking at the machine during each re-boot after a program installation, I had a lot of time to think due to the slow boot-up, I ran everything I could past my mind to try and figure out why this wasn't working when it had done so before I cleaned everything out and re-installed Windows XP. It wasn't until after I had installed the scanner drivers and program that I had noticed the scanner went though its checks before the memory test. I then noticed the two unopened printer ink cartridges on my desk then it "downed on me" - to borrow an expression from former, late neighbor of Fox, Montana, Waino Rintala, that I had attached the USB cable to the printer but hadn't installed the drivers. So to test this theory I unplugged the USB cable from the printer at the next re-boot. The computer booted very quickly and in no time I was ready to go! So with this greatly welcomed and relieving news I quickly installed the printer drivers and all problems were cured. No more worries.

With all said and done I was very anxious to get to work on transferring VHS tapes to DVD. After all, I had purchased a second hard drive, 2 GB of memory and upgraded from Pinnacle Studio 9 to Studio 10 Plus just for this purpose and my mother sent me a VHS player/recorder from the States so that I would be able to capture native signal NTSC. I found all to work perfectly well after I partitioned the second hard drive to 30 GB and dedicated that partition for video capturing only. So far I have captured and rendered five VHS movies and burned them to DVD. I have many more to go but am truly happy and quite satisfied that this is working, finally!

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