Sunday, March 18, 2007

War on Terrorism

I am sick to death of having to read, hear or view anything about George W. Bush's war on terrorism. This goes especially for what is going on in Iraq. Political supporters of Bush say the war must be winnable in order for the terrorists not to win. I say BONK! Iraq had nothing, absolutely nothing, to with terrorism or any attacks against the USA. How about Afghanistan? The only thing I can gather is that Osama bin Laden was hiding there so the USA decided to try and kill two birds with one stone, Osama and the Taliban, oh, and let's not forget al-Qaida.

How long will this rage go on? How long will the USA allow this madman to continue his rage? Congress, with Democrats in control, fear that if they cut off the cash cow for this stupid war that they will be labeled as abandoning the troops abroad. They may pass a bill that sets a deadline to bring all troops home by 2008. Bush will probably veto it or if the usual trend continues he will just ignore it because he feels he is above the law of the land and the rest of world in the name of America's freedom. And people wonder why the rest of the world think so badly about the USA. Duh! I borrow a phrase from Forrest Gump, "stupid is as stupid does".

How many more servicemen must die or become injured before this idiot of a president realizes that he cannot win in Iraq. Global War on Terrorism. I don't hear anything about this war outside of Iraq and Afghanistan. In given time there will be no more able bodies to fight in this war. A draft will most certainly be needed because people are beginning to smarten up and realize that they would be idiots to sign up with the military. Nobody wants to enlist to die for nothing. To die in Iraq is to die for nothing. It is sad but true. The whole war was based on a few lies and the fear that the USA's president, especially the vice president Cheney, had impressed on the American people. What will happen when the military is spread so thin and abroad? Will America be that much safer? Think about it.

America is involved in a civil war in Iraq and its mere presence there adds fuel to the fire of hatred. The USA has done a bad and the government needs to admit this and step down and take the shame like a man and begin to work on renewing America's image both on the home front and abroad. There is nothing wrong with that. Many other nations have done so and they continue to thrive and be strong to this day. What is wrong is to continue the pace that has been going on the past four years. Bush has nothing to lose, America does.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Banner's up!

Sunday I went with Tiina to help her and Katinka put up the campaign banner. This was done at Katinka's brother's golf course just across from IKEA in Espoo. It was mildly cold but with a wind. My hands got somewhat chilled as I didn't bring gloves but as long as I wasn't touching the aluminum ladder I was fine. The banner measures 1.5 meters high by 4 meters in length. Tiina climbed the ladder to attach the banner to the poles whilst I held the ladder and Katinka the lose ends of the banner. It actually took longer than I thought it would but we managed to get it done before Tiina had to head over to Suna school for an invitation to the public to come and chat with her. I helped her take the things she needed into the school then walked on home from there. The first picture is of me and Katinka where I am driving a nail into the pole. The second picture is of Tiina under the banner after we had finished. One can see the Medieval stone church to the far right. Remember to vote !!!!



Sunday, March 04, 2007

Purrs like a kitten

I had meant to do a quick follow up to my last posting concerning the great computer overhaul. The puter now boots up quite quickly. I feared that the CPU got fried and that was the reason for the slow boot and re-boot. Well as I sat here looking at the machine during each re-boot after a program installation, I had a lot of time to think due to the slow boot-up, I ran everything I could past my mind to try and figure out why this wasn't working when it had done so before I cleaned everything out and re-installed Windows XP. It wasn't until after I had installed the scanner drivers and program that I had noticed the scanner went though its checks before the memory test. I then noticed the two unopened printer ink cartridges on my desk then it "downed on me" - to borrow an expression from former, late neighbor of Fox, Montana, Waino Rintala, that I had attached the USB cable to the printer but hadn't installed the drivers. So to test this theory I unplugged the USB cable from the printer at the next re-boot. The computer booted very quickly and in no time I was ready to go! So with this greatly welcomed and relieving news I quickly installed the printer drivers and all problems were cured. No more worries.

With all said and done I was very anxious to get to work on transferring VHS tapes to DVD. After all, I had purchased a second hard drive, 2 GB of memory and upgraded from Pinnacle Studio 9 to Studio 10 Plus just for this purpose and my mother sent me a VHS player/recorder from the States so that I would be able to capture native signal NTSC. I found all to work perfectly well after I partitioned the second hard drive to 30 GB and dedicated that partition for video capturing only. So far I have captured and rendered five VHS movies and burned them to DVD. I have many more to go but am truly happy and quite satisfied that this is working, finally!