Monday, February 19, 2007

Lustila - Torpan Sauna.....

The following sets of pictures were taken in July of 2002 from the old Lustila croft in the village of Hirvijärvi of the municipality of Jalasjärvi. This sauna, as we were told, is more than likely the original one built. It is all that is left of the croft. We could see where the foundation was for the house and the caved in remnants of the cellar. Our guide, Seppo Pentinmäki, even found where the well was by the divining method!

The photo on the right is of the inside of the sauna. Here is pictured the stove and chimney and an old bed to the left!

If this sauna is the original sauna, which it does appear to be by the way it has been constructed, then there is a good chance that my great-grandfather, his siblings and my great-great-grandfather and some of his siblings were all born in this sauna!

My great-great-great grandfather, Samuel Matinpoika (Valkama) Lustila acquired contract to the torppa upon marriage (5 Feb 1842) to his wife Ulla Simontytär Palomäki. Ulla's father was a farmer/tailor and her maternal grandfather was isäntä (head of household/estate) of the farm Marttila.

The Lustila torppa burned down in the early 1920's. The current owners of the property have built a small log house, a lean-to and a small man made pond. The place is still called Lustila.

In these photos one can see how the hay is placed on poles to aid in drying as the ground can have a lot of dew, especially in wooded areas where the sun doesn't shine all day.

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