Thursday, February 15, 2007

Freedom what???

The other day at work my co-worker, I will call him TF, and I were discussing some things that have occurred in the United States since the illustrious Dubya took office. One of these was the re-naming of French fries to freedom fries simply because France was against the invasion of Iraq. Perhaps if I had been living in the USA at the time I wouldn't have thought much about it. No, I take that back. I would have thought it as a childish gesture all the same! I mean, think about it. Americans tend to believe that the US military were the only ones that won the war in Europe. France was invaded by Hitler and liberated by the Allied forces. To this day whenever France takes an opposite opinion from that of the USA people go nuts about it and drag out W.W.II and how "we" won the war for them. Even I know better than this. Why is it I learned it in school? Perhaps the rest were sleeping during this time? Anyway, it was an embarrassment to say the least for me, an American citizen and living abroad having to put up with this. Was I ever offended by the rude and crude remarks by my peers. No, I was not. Simply because I had to agree with them.

So now we have the change of French fries to freedom fries, later changed back.

TF, the other day said to me in a laughing manner, "Freedom Kiss". I asked, "What?"
He was wondering if the Americans changed the name of French Kiss to Freedom Kiss. Then we began to think of other things that began with French that Americans use in everyday speech.

The French Connection has now been renamed the Freedom Connection
French Horn to Freedom Horn
French Drain to Freedom Drain
French cut bra to freedom cut bra
French lingerie to Freedom lingerie
French's Mustard to Freedom Mustard
French bread to Freedom bread
French restaurant to Freedom restaurant
French curve to Freedom curve
French toast to Freedom toast
French dressing to Freedom dressing
French dictionary to Freedom Dictionary
"Excuse me, but do you speak Freedom?"
Victor French, the actor, has now become Victor Freedom, long after his death in 1989.
French Embassy to Freedom Embassy
French poodle to that of Freedom poodle
and the French tickler to Freedom tickler
and last but not least, New Orleans' French Quarter became Freedom Quarter.
Now is this silly or what?

Don't politicians have better things to do than trying to change a name of a product just because a nation of opposite opinion, and one that was right if I may add, disagrees with the great Capitol Hill???

Viva La France!

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