Sunday, January 21, 2007


Looking out my window I am wondering if wintertime has finally arrived in Finland. Although I doubt it very much I can only think that it has. So beautiful the trees with their fluffy, white snowy dresses and the flittering about of the tit-mouse and sparrow as they either forage for food from under the mountain pine or from the feeders. The temperature is only -3 Celsius. The children are at play out on the hill and in the woods, finally getting to go sledding in decent snowfall. I took the opportunity of the below freezing weather to defrost our upright freezer last evening. It worked well only that my eldest son, Niki, complained that his ice-cream had looked like it had been frozen and unfrozen five times and thanked me very much for ruining it for him. He ate the slightly disfigured cone all the same and didn't complain about it not tasting good.

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KathCTUSA said...

Hi Matti,
I have read the beginning of your blog. It is VERY interesting! I will return to read some more.
Kathleen Kangas Briggs