Friday, January 26, 2007

Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow !!

At last, at last my winter has arrived! Now this is the kind of winters I do enjoy. Lots of snow and cold enough to keep it fluffy. Today it snowed most of the day with hard winds so there were some quite big drifts to negotiate whilst walking out and about, mainly to the bus to get home. I took these few pictures this evening. One is from our door off to the balcony overlooking the backyard and forest. I always like viewing the snow in the trees lit up by the pathway light. This light turns off around 11 pm. All times during the day one can find people either walking, jogging, biking or skiing depending on what time a year it is. The other two photos were taken from the front door. One is looking towards the front gate and the other in the opposite corner

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Jemay√° said...

Finally I took the time to check out your blog - what an impressive one you have! What a beatiful photo, the one with the lamppost! My, I didn't know you are relatied to most royalties in Europe (could I have your autograph, please.... :)! Have a nice day, all of you!