Saturday, January 27, 2007

More Winter Pictures

Well it had snowed again last evening and then later on today. These pictures were taken from the terrace in the backyard this afternoon. One can see how much snow fell by the amount on the bird feeder hanging in the lilac tree. This last snowfall was wetter than the previous. We actually had to go out with the car so all of the snow needed to be cleared from the car and from the parking area. Niki had gone out earlier and made a path from the main door to the gate and around the shed door. I later took away the rest of the snow after removing the snow from around the car. Now the temperature rests at -5.3 Celsius so no fear of it melting all away over night. The forecast calls for more colder weather but not much more snow for a few days. This is enough for me to make it feel like winter. Of course if it does snow more I won't mind ;-)


Jay said...

Yo Bro! Send some to Portland! I really miss the snow, as well as having all four seasons.

Anonymous said...

nice pictures I guess we got about the same amount here last week, Now it's just cold. nice web site..Dad