Wednesday, January 03, 2007


We had a nice time at our cottage over the New Year's holiday. There wasn't much snow and what little there was it melted away until the day we left when it began to snow...typical. Tiina baked bread and rolls in the old wood heated stove. It was her first time baking from scratch while using this oven. She had baked a ham and chicken before. They turned out pretty good. She also made a very delicious pot of chili and some carrot soup.

We spent the changing of the New Year in the sauna where we toasted with pear cider and then went outside to watch the fireworks going up from the surrounding villages and homes. Other than that it was a peaceful New Year.

I didn't do much more than keeping the fires burning and water stocked. Watched a few movies and TV and played cards with Tiina. The boys spent most of their time at the neighbor's playing with their youngest daughter and Nintendo. Let's see what the New Year will bring! Best to all!!

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